Khulna University of Engineering & Technology

SME Internationalization

In the globalized era, Research and Development (R&D) industries and firm are competing on an international level. SME internationalization contributes to the economic development of nations, in developing national industries, improving productivity and creating employment. SMEs are confronted with international competition and are forced to play a role in international markets. This internationalization can take many forms, such as Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and international collaboration. The changing business environment creates new opportunities for Bangladesh and incentives for SMEs to internationalize.

In responses to global challenges Khulna University of Engineering & Technology and Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh are playing the key role in Bangladesh for SME internationalization of sustainable and long term inclusive growth. To promote growth in Bangladesh and international SME markets, we are focusing the following key objectives:

  • Encourage local SMEs to create an ‘Innovative Industrial Environment’
  • Promote R&D business to generate new sources of growth in Bangladesh
  •  Support to the research partnerships with international SMEs markets