Khulna University of Engineering & Technology

The IIC – Innovation & Innovator Cell at Khulna University of Engineering & Technology is first institutional backbone in Bangladesh for developing technology transfer and innovation management of national STI (Science, Technology and Innovation) and IP (Intellectual Property) development and its commercialization, industrialization and internationalization.

The IIC realized that academic venture capital and unsolicited proposals may play an appropriate mechanism for higher level economic growth through effective Public Private Partnership (PPP), national and international industrial collaboration and cooperation.

The IIC for ‘Universities and Industries’ has the mission to develop national inventions and innovations and its commercialization and industrialization at national and international markets within the framework of cooperation between Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh and ‘Khulna University of Engineering & Technology’ through utilizing the ‘Collective Mark’ of ‘Centre for Policy Research, Bangladesh’.

Aims and Aspiration:

The primary goal of the IIC is to improve ‘Human Resources’ base that promotes the IIC in the developing world. It strives for expansion of knowledge base through networking. The IIC starts out with the following concepts in transferring skills to various stakeholders:

  • Inventors, Innovators, Academia, Researchers, Research Centres, Universities, Companies to settle in R&D Business, Technology Transfer and Innovation Management to exploit commercially the objectives of their Inventions.
  • Logical support to Inventors, Researchers, Creators, Universities, R&D, Research Centres, Companies, Associations, Entrepreneurs and others to settle in this arena for commercialization of their Inventions and Innovations.
  • Advisory services to ‘Risk Takers’ and ‘Business Leaders’ to minimize business risks for bringing new technology to markets.
  • The universities, academia, researchers will get direct benefits of ‘Academic Venture Capital’ from the IIC for creation of new IP.
  • Policy supports to formulate an ‘Innovative Industrial Environment’, ‘Regional and Academic Venture Capital’ or to introduce new kinds of international development partnership program for commercialization of national or international innovations and inventions.